Domain Auction


You won’t want to miss our live Domain Auction on Monday, January 28, from 4-7pm, which offers up high-value and high-potential names to the fastest bidder. A cornerstone of NamesCon, this is where you put your heart, nerve, and industry knowlege on the line for some seriously high stakes. Last year, GREAT.COM sold for $900,000, while PAYPERCLICK.COM was acquired for $100,000. Overall, $2.7 million in sales took place at last year’s auction, and we’re aiming to top that this year.

This year, pre-bidding is already underway, with CPU.COM already courting an offer of $606,000. Also keep an eye out for ultra-brandable names like BRIDE.COM and DRONE.COM. You must get verified to bid on items over $2500, so start here—hit the button below to register as a bidder.